Welcome to gandhi charitable trust- Our Vision Mission


People centered and pro poor society, wherein people are actors of their own development with access and control over their own life with dignity and self-respect ensurted democratization govemance process of justice, liberty, equality and fraternity. We ensure improved socio–economic status, basic needs, health & education along with food, clothing, and shelters to rural depriveted people.


  • Awareness and sensitization of rural mass on issues related to their health, education, economics, social status and Governance .
  • Making efforts for ensuring equal and just opportunities for developments and access to village natural resource.
  • Help people for their comprehen- sive developments through progr- ammatic interventions.


Through various activities under different projects / programs trust covers Beed district of Maharashtra state.


Programatic interventions in socio-economic, socio-political, a civil & cultural spheres of life for bettements of the rural poor focusing women and other vulnerable groups without any discrimination leading to the comprehensive capacity building of the people to enable them to live life of human being with human value and dignity. Socio-economics develop- ments of rural women.