Gandhi Charitable Trust was established on 23rd June 2006 under Trust Act 1950. Dr. Ashok P. Gandhi and some likeminded people have started it for the betterment of society.

We work mainly in rural And Drought area, we have been working in various sectors like – education, sanitation, women employment, rural development and especially in Health Care.

We have been trying to reduce the female foeticide and to improve the imbalanced sex ratio of our country. In order to change the mind – set of people about girls we have started “Save the Gird Child” programme on 8th March 2013 on the occasion of International World Women Day. In this programme we offer free medical facilities to a mother who delivers/gives birth to a girl child whether it is normal or cesarean delivery. After running this programme successfully for one year we decided to change its format. Now we make fixed Deposit worth Rs. 5000/- in the name of that girl child for 18 yrs term. Because when the girl becomes 18 yrs she will get a certain amount and it can be helpful for her higher study or support her parents in her marriage expenses. Hundreds of mothers have taken benefit of "Save the Gird Child” programme.


He was born in 1950 in a small village Devinimgaon in Beed district of Maharashtra. His father was a farmer . Though poor, the family was honest, hardworking, religious and of good – principles. He completed his primary education in the same village where he was born. After 6th class he was admitted to a school which was about 5 km from his native and he had to attend the school either walking or on bicycle. He passed S. S. C. exam in 1967 with high merit and then took admission at Fergusson college Pune.

  It wasn’t that much easy for a student to go to Pune and manage everything on his own. It was his first time to visit Pune. He studied hard and succeeded to get admission at B. J. Medical College, Pune. As his parents were poor he had to face many difficulties and had to make many compromises in life but he never made any compromise with his study and principles. He used to wear pajama and kurta in college. Because of his dress other students used to mock him. But he never paid attention to it and didn’t give much importance to the Mocking of other students and focused on his study. Finally he passed M.B.B.S. in 1973 and did internship at P.H.C. Tisgaon at civil Hospital, Ahmadnagar. Then he was appointed as a Medical Officer at a P.H.C. at Manchar in Pune district.

  Salary, job satisfaction and everything was going well but the urge to do something for native people used to make him restless. So he resigned from the post of Medical Officer and started serving people of his native by opening Anand Clinic in May – 1976. When getting a government job was not only considered a status symbol but also a good means of earning handsome salary and luxurious life, he left all this just for serving needy people.

  In those days rural folks were very poor, illiterate, superstitious and far away from the primary health care. At that time there was no transport facility so he had to walk or ride on a bicycle in order to attend patients at their home. But all this Taught him many things apart from medicine. In his opinion “Whatever he learned, didn’t learn in universities but in adversities”, which he faced while attending the patients.

  Thinking that people should get benefit of his knowledge and skill he upgraded the medical facility in the hospital like X - Ray machine, I. C. U. Centre, Operation Theatre, etc. Earlier people had to go Ahmadnagar or Pune for treatment and they couldn’t afford the expenses for the same. So all those facilities were made available in his hospital and that too with very low charges.

  Though he has been serving people from 1976, he thinks that he couldn’t reach to every needy person to serve and he believe that if you have to serve many people you have to join many hands and he started a N.G.O. in 2006 named Gandhi Charitable Trust.

  He has done more than 12000/- deliveries throughout his medical practice life, out of which more than 97 % deliveries were made normal.

Apart from that we have been organizing various camps with the help of specialist from Ahmadnagar and Pune.

List of Camp and Activities we have organized so far -

  • AIDS Awareness Camp
  • Anaemia Awareness Camp
  • Diabetes Awareness Camp
  • Blood Donation Camp
  • Healthy Mother and Child Camp
  • Polio Awareness and Vaccination Project
  • Free cataract check-up and operation with glasses and necessary medicines.
  • Awareness camp for pregnant women and their diet plan
  • Yoga and Meditation Camp
  • Heart disease and prevention camp
  • Awareness programme against female feticide
  • Health check-up camp for student and free medicine
  • Family planning operations and awareness camp
  • Street – plays to create awareness among people about health and health related problems
  • Organized some sports competition
  • Running a nursing college
  • Implement R. S. B. Y. ( Rashtriy Swasthya Bima Yojna ) successfully for 2 years